Maheshwor M Joshi

Mr.Maheshwor M Joshi

General Manager, Laba Pvt


Mr. Maheshwor Man Joshi is a very active in the field of Information Technology with the positive attitude, optimistic, benevolent…

Roshan Maharjan

Mr.Roshan Maharjan

Business Development Manager, Laba Pvt. Ltd


Mr. Roshan Maharjan a proficient  person who is always enthusiastic, hardworking man, has been helping in the field of Information…

Pratap Nembang

Mr.Pratap Nembang

Operational Manager, Laba Pvt. Ltd


Pratap Nembang a cheerful person, is a system administrator who has the experience of 10+ years of experience in the…

Dipendra Serma

Mr.Dipendra Serma

Operation Officer , Laba Pvt. Ltd


Aastha Karki

Miss.Aastha Karki

Front Desk Officer, Laba Pvt. Ltd


Hari Prashad Dhakal

Mr.Hari Prashad Dhakal

CISCO Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI), Laba Pvt. Ltd



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