Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing)

The way of marketing is changing and it’s time to make the leap.

 The Digital Marketing Course is designed to prepare an individual to leverage the power of digital channels to market a product or service and build and strengthen brand identity. Every business requires marketing and as the world is going digital, the possibilities are increasing, but so is the competition.

This course helps you master essential skills and disciplines of digital marketing, be it to start a new career in digital marketing or to add digital to your skill set and boost your brand and business. The course will cover search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimization, web analytics, content marketing, email and mobile marketing. Digital marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing disciplines, and this training will enhance your value and prepare you to boost your career.

What Will I Learn ?

The digital media is taking over the world changing the way people interact and business operate. It would be mandatory for business and organization to jump into the digital platform,which requires manpower who know their way through the digital wave.

After the completion of this digital marketing course, you will be able to:

1. Understand different avenues of digital marketing: content ideation, design and distribution.

2. Create , Optimize and Grow your profile in different social media platforms to generate loyal audience base.

3. Reach and Connect with more people, be it for growing your business or building your brand image.

4. Optimize Your Website to rank better and make it more syllable.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Who can benefits ?

Opportunity Scope

Mentor shall discuss on classroom.

Modules / Chapter

Module 1: Digital Marketing Basic (Social Media Marketing) (Basic)

Day 1: Digital Marketing and Social Media Introduction

  • Lessons:
    • Digital Marketing in the Modern World
    • Digital Marketing VS. Traditional Marketing
    • Trends in Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Trends in Nepal

Module 2: Content Marketing and Content Generation

  •  What is Content Marketing
  • Why Content Marketing is Important?
  •  Copy writing for Social Media
  •  Content generation Tips and Tricks

 Day 3: Facebook Page Management

  • Facebook Page Creation and Optimization
  •  Facebook Page Settings
  •  Rationalization of Facebook Page
  • Facebook Page setup

Day 4: Content Calendar and types of content on Facebook

  • Building a Content Calendar
  •  Different Type of Content for Facebook
  •  Branding Vs. Lead Generation
  •  Content Variation and generating creative Ideas

Day 5: Instagram marketing

  •  How is Instagram different from Facebook Marketing
  •  Creating Themes on Instagram
  •  Growing Instagram organically
  •  Leveraging Instagram stories.

Day 6: Business Manager and Ad Manager

  • Setting up a Business Manager
  •  Overview of Ads Manager
  •  Different type of Facebook campaigns
  •  Ad Targeting through Demographics/ Interest/Gender

Day 7: Business Manager and Ad Manager (let's Run a facebook Ad)

  •  Overview of Audience Insight
  •  Saved Audience Creation
  •  Events Manager - Integration of Facebook Pixel
  •  Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience
  •  Dynamic Ads

Day 8: LinkedIn and LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn for B2B Marketing
  •  LinkedIn rationalization and growth
  •  Growing Personal Account on LinkedIn
  •  LinkedIn Advertisements

Day 9: YouTube Marketing and Video Marketing

  • Using Videos for Storytelling
  • Video Marketing in 2019
  •  How to Grow a YouTube Channel organically
  •  YouTube Marketing
  • -YouTube Magnetization

Day 10: Influence Marketing

  • Influence Marketing Fundamentals
  • Micro Influences
  • Becoming an Influence
  •  Influence on Different Digital Marketing Channels

Day 11: Building Social Media Strategies/Content Calendar

  • Creating a Social Media Strategy for any Business
  • Building a Content Calendar
  •  Social Media Funnel
  •  Content Re purposing

Day 12: Monetizing Social Media

  • How to Monetize your Social Media Page
  •  Social Media for E commerce
  •  Social Media to become an Influence
  •  Successful One person Businesses in Social media

Day 13: Different Social Media Channels

  • Twitter and Twitter Marketing
  •  P interest and Quota
  •  Leveraging Personal Social Media
  •  Social Media Policies

Day 14: Social Media Marketing Case Study.

  • Case Study of Different Social Media Strategies
  •  International Social Media Success Stories
  •  Nepalese Social Media Success Stories
  •  Social Media in 2019 and Beyond.

Day 15: Q/A and Personalized Strategy Creation

  • Reevaluation of Social Media Techniques Learnt
  • Strategy Creation for Participants Social Media Pages
  • Discussion on Different Channels of Digital Marketing

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